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The Growing Trend of Dental Tourism

Posted by Chester on

Melbourne is known for its high prices. Everything here is expensive, so you have to earn a lot of money to live in this city. The consequence is that salaries are higher than in other parts of the world, but also services are more expensive. Dental treatments, for instance, are almost prohibitive. Dentists and technicians have to make a living, materials are expensive, and clinics have to make a profit as well. Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder so many people go overseas to get dental treatment. This idea of dental tourism is not new but has gained more popularity in recent years, mainly due to affordability. Due to lower labor costs in Asian countries like India, the costs of treatment are also lower, even when adjusted for travel and accommodation expenses. This makes the option quite attractive for people on a budget. Kadali’s Dental Clinic in Mumbai is one of many clinics that has been a popular choice for many Australian patients. Most of their patients have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of treatment and recommend them highly. Here’s one of their patients who got a Smile Makeover with them:

When you need to pay an arm and a leg for replacing a missing tooth or for having some dentistry treatments, you are willing to find alternative solutions, in order to afford these pricey things you absolutely need. Dental problems can be extremely severe, so it’s not a good idea to neglect them until you’re going to have enough money to afford them. The sooner you manage to sort them out, the better. If you have to take a flight to another country then you should do so, rather than wait until there’s no tooth left in your mouth. Dental implants are the most common procedures for which people travel overseas. It is a cosmetic procedure and can be very beneficial for people who have missing teeth which might affect their confidence and self-esteem.

picture of a patient's teeth undergoing treatment

The logic behind this kind of reasoning is simple. By calculating how much you have to spend on flights and accommodation, you can see how much you’d have to pay for your dental treatments abroad in order to be worth the effort. Some cosmetic procedures in Australia can be extremely expensive and that is why you might want to look for affordable dentistry in India as a possible choice for your treatment. Most probably you’re going to save some money, especially if you do a thorough research in order to find out which are the cheapest but the best quality dental clinic.

Eastern Europe could be one of the most attractive options, as medical services are fairly inexpensive in all these countries. Besides, you won’t have to compromise on quality, because there are lots of experienced dentists ready to accept you as their patient. Asia may also be an excellent choice. They also have great dental clinics and dentists to choose from. Besides, you may be able to find cheaper flights to Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia than to European destinations. But as mentioned, India is a great option if you feel overwhelmed with the information and do not have the time to do extensive research.

All these being said, it’s clear why some Australians try to do everything in their power to treat their dental problems abroad. They can save a lot of money without compromising on the quality of their treatments. Besides, they could combine their dental tourism endeavors with real vacations, thus being able to enjoy both things at the same time.